Renault Zoe Continues To Crush Competition In France

Renault Zoe Continues To Crush Electric Vehicle Competition In France

There were around 1,800 electric car (including SUV & van) registrations in France during the month of July 2016, according to the most recent estimates from the EV Sales blog. That represents a roughly 12% year-on-year decrease from July 2015.

Despite the apparent slowdown during July 2016, year-to-date totals in France are actually up from 2015 by a substantial margin (around 43%).

Interestingly, all-electrics (EVs) captured an 82% share of the total plug-in market, a substantial majority — with plug-in hybrid (PHEV) models not even managing to make it into the top 5 rankings for the month.

The share of the overall French automotive market held by plug-in vehicles for 2016 now sits at around 1.66%. The 2015 plug-in electric vehicle share was 1.41%.


Originally published on EV Obsession.

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