Joburg buses get trackers

Joburg buses will soon inform commuters when the next bus will arrive

Trackers have been installed in all Rea Vaya and Metrobus vehicles as part of the second phase of the City of Joburg's plan to improve public transport through an app, called VayaMoja.

This forms part of the app's second phase roll-out. VayaMoja was launched in July and currently gives users access to information on all Rea Vaya and Metrobus routes, bus frequencies and stops, as well as fare information.

"Currently, users can see bus routes and stops, but they don't have a sense for when the next bus is coming. Once this phase of the project is live, users will be able to make better decisions when navigating the complex Johannesburg transport system, as they'll be able to track bus movements and get timing estimates directly on the app," Heckrath explains.

Heckrath says the team hopes to reach full functionality of the app for all users by the beginning of next year.


Johannesburg's VayaMoja bus route app will soon show exactly when the next bus is expected to arrive, based on a tracker fitted to the vehicle. Track..

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