'Check For Updates' button now actually works on Android


'Check For Updates' button now actually works on Android

Google developer Elliott Hughes has taken to Google+ to inform everyone that the button isn't actually useless anymore. The previous behavior was to check if an update is available and only when the update was readily available to your device and was somehow missed by the automated background check for update will it pull the update.

With the new improved button, the device will now actively request for the update and even if your device isn't in the current rollout group for the update, because you are manually requesting for the update, the update will be delivered to you. This means no more impatient stabbing of the button wondering if you are in the rollout group yet or not.

See http://bit.ly/2wKnaDK

'Check for updates' button in Android now actually works
Will fetch the update even if the user is not part of the rollout.


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