Truly wireless earphones are the near future - truly earphoneless is still a bit of a way away


Truly wireless earphones are the near future - truly earphoneless is still a bit of a way away

Most Bluetooth earphones are never going to satisfy true audiophiles but for those of us on the move that want to listen to music, podcasts, etc there is nothing better than true wireless earphones. Now that I have tried most versions including the "wireless" earphones (which still snag on my neck, and corded ones that used to get snagged on door handles and around seat belts) I can mention some pro's and con's to consider for truly wireless earphones.

Pro's to look for:
1. Convenient charge carry case which provides a couple of charges during the day as battery life on a single charge is usually only 3 to 6 hours.
2. Foam or silicone padding makes for more comfortable wearing over many hours. Often these also sit more firmly in the ear and cater better for smaller ears.
3. Models like Apple's Airpods will play both channels through a single Airpod if you choose to wear just one, then when the battery goes flat you just switch to the secondary earphone.
4. Consider sweat and rain resistant models if you exercise a lot.
5. Consider the shape and size as not everyone likes the Apple Airpod design and some others also protrude quite far from the ear.
6. Sound isolation can be both a pro and a con depending og what you want. Generally in-ear phones are going to isolate sound a bit more.

1. Battery life is always an issue with very compact sizes but the charge cases usually take 15 mins or so to give you an additional hour or two of listening.
2. Truly wireless earphones can fall out more easily and get lost. Check you can buy single replacements.
3. The sound won't be as good as over the ear phones but you score big on convenience.
4. Generally, play controls are very limited on truly wireless earphones as there is no space for volume controls and a single or double tap is about all you can use. In my case, I use my Android Wear watch to control playback.
5. Battery level - may be a pro if you have Airpods on an iPhone but otherwise, with Android, you'll have to wait for Android version 8.1 (hopefully) to detect battery levels over Bluetooth or make do with interpreting LEDs on a battery case. But this situation should improve in the coming year.

Here is a good example of more affordable truly wireless earphones at, but there are more and more appearing on the market now.

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