How To Run Linux On Android With Linux Deploy


How To Run Linux On Android With Linux Deploy

Ever wanted to run Linux on Android? Turns out you can, with an app called Linux Deploy. Before you get excited, there’s something you should know. The app will only work if the Android device it is installed on has root access. This is due to the fact that Linux Deploy runs an entire Linux operating system completely within the Android file system. It is very hard to run a Linux kernel and Chroot environment without these kinds of modifications.

If your current version of Android doesn’t allow to easily gain root, consider checking out LineageOS and installing that instead. It's a complete replacement for your current version of Android based on open source technologies.

A good reason to consider using Lineage is this: some device manufacturers lock up the version of Android they ship and make it nearly impossible to gain root access. If this is the case, the best course of action is to replace this version with something else. Lineage OS has built-in root, and supports many different Android devices.




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