James Dyson to invest £2.5bn on 'radically different' electric car


James Dyson to invest £2.5bn on 'radically different' electric car

But what caught my eye actually in the article were these comments he made:

He said he had long been concerned by diesel particulate pollution and while he had designed filters for such engines, he had concluded that electric vehicles were the best way to progress.

Dyson said: “I’m not a Johnny-come-lately to electric cars. It’s been my ambition since 1998 when I was rejected by the industry that has happily been creating dirty vehicles, and governments have kept on allowing it.”

The car will count as a British export, he said, although it will probably be manufactured in the far east. While the UK remained a “frontrunner” for the production base, he added: “We’ll choose the best place to make it and that’s where we’ll make it … Wherever we make the battery, that’s where we will make the car. We see a very large market for this car in the far east … We want to be near where our markets are and I believe the far east has reacted [to electric] more quickly than the UK or Europe.”

He said people in Asia had been far more aware than in Britain of the detrimental health effects of diesel particulate pollution. The cars will be fitted with Dyson’s air purifying technology to protect their drivers: “It’s not the owner of the VW that has the problem, it’s the person driving behind them.”

See https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/sep/26/james-dyson-electric-car-2020

James Dyson to invest £2.5bn on 'radically different' electric car | Technology | The Guardian


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