Manjaro Linux Review Video - It's becoming a very popular Linux distro


Manjaro Linux Review Video - It's becoming a very popular Linux distro

Linux users are pretty passionate about their different distros (Ubuntu, Mint, Manjaro, Debian, Arch, etc) and the desktop GUI's they use (Cinnamon, Unity, KDE, GNOME, etc). The good news is there is no "best distro" for everyone and we can all choose to use different distros and desktops that suite us best. Being Linux you can install more than one desktop and switch between them.... because you have th freedom of choice.

I've settled myself on Manjaro Linux KDE and have been really happy with it the last few months. This video below gives some insight of what to expect. I would however still recommend that brand new Linux users rather start out with Ubuntu or Linux Mint, as Manjaro (being Arch based) does have an underlying amount of raw power to it! So Ubuntu or Mint users seeking more raw power may want to seriously consider Manjaro Linux.

Some key differences from Ubuntu or Linux Mint are:
1. It's a rolling distro release so no big upgrade required every 6 months or 2 years.... it just keeps getting incremental updates forever.
2. Its package manager is different but the same concept applies with a GUI interface to search and install from. Always make sure you can see both Manjaro as well as Arch User Repositories (AUR) to find just about every Linux app that is available.
3. It has a great GUI interface for installing and switching to different Linux kernels to run (including bleeding edge ones).
4. Last point is a similarity... running KDE or Cinnamon looks just the same as it does on Ubuntu or Linux MInt or other distros so there is also a large degree of familiarity. Dare I just say it has a V8 under the hood instead ;-)

In summary, Manjaro Linux is to Arch Linux much like what Ubuntu or Mint is for Debian Linux.... it's a friendlier easier to use distro.

Watch the video at or find out about the different desktops (and download) for Manjaro at


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