Here’s how Absa’s awesome flexi-time programme works for employees


Here’s how Absa’s awesome flexi-time programme works for employees

Earlier this year, the City of Cape Town said that it planned to incentivise the city’s employers by introducing flexible working hours and working from home initiatives.

While the plans are currently in limbo, a number of private companies have already begun offering flexi-time programmes across the country. This includes Absa, which has introduced a number of flexi-working hour options over the past few years.

“The programme depends on the nature of the role that one occupies and there are roles (which) by their very nature will not be suitable for such. The programme creates a platform for colleagues and managers to engage around different work preferences or availability,” it said.

In addition to just working from home, the bank indicated that the programme also allows people to work different shifts (starting early and finishing earlier than formal office hours); reducing work hours below the standard hours to either get more time with family or to volunteer at a charity (along with a reduction in earnings); working mornings or afternoons only to meet other commitments; working from home one day a week as well as a number of other variants.

As there is no generic set of circumstances that leads to flexible working arrangements, there is no set formula for how it works, said Absa.



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