How To Take RAW Photos On Android, No Root


How To Take RAW Photos On Android, No Root

Google Camera+ HDR is a ported version of the Google Camera app that brings HDR to non-Google devices. It’s a pretty amazing little port that’s just added the ability to take RAW photos on Android phones.

Download Google Camera+HDR from XDA Developers. They have a nice detailed write-up about this app. There are two versions of it; one for Snapdragon 820/821 devices, and one for non-Snapdragon devices. Download the correct one and side-load it on your Android phone. You don’t need a rooted device to use this app. This is a third-party app and it’s not available on the Google Play Store so use it at your own risk. If you’re apprehensive about this app, know that the XDA Community has complete faith in it.



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