My Takeaways from the Google 2017 Event


My Takeaways from the Google 2017 Event

Just some quick non-tech highlights I picked up on:

* Total lack of technical specs being shown off - not about chasing improving specs of a competitor
* Big emphasis on machine learning and artificial intelligence - this is their big differentiation as seen through one "clever" lens vs needing two camera lenses
* Growing emphasis on Google Home and Google Assistant - both using AR and ML
* Pixel 2 phone's camera has improved to a DxOMark of 98 and has an excellent on-camera video stabiliser (
* AR Stickers now show an "interactive" character or sticker in the camera
* Pixel owners can store unlimited highest resolution photos and video in Google Photos cloud
* Pixel Buds are wireless earphones - but the demo showing them (connected to the Pixel phone) doing a live audio translation of a two-way conversation (is this not just the phone doing it though?)
* Google Clips is a standalone camera that looks like a small tile that fits in the pocket and provides a 3rd person view
* Google Home Max is a new Google Home device but with powerful Hifi speakers that automatically adjust their sound according to the room
* Google Assistant is now available for iOS

Yes, there was lots more but interesting to see all the power and interconnectedness of Home, Assistant and the Google cloud power. Google's power of algorithms, massives amounts of data, machine learning and artificial intelligence certainly came through. A key question for many now will be whether the Google Home or Amazon Echo is better, or why should I get one at all?


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