Our Google Home Voice-Activated Speaker Arrived Today


Our Google Home Voice-Activated Speaker Arrived Today

If Google is running a bit slow today its because we've been asking 100's of questions, playing songs and videos, and literally exhausting it....

Quite impressed with the sensitivity for picking up our voices and the information is pretty informative and interesting. Google Home plays a YouTube video or a Google Music song with a few seconds of asking. It's activating the Chromecast on our TV to play a video, and is searching my own music I uploaded to Google Music.

Why I got the mid-size Home is firstly because it is available locally and secondly because it has a pretty loud sound which is great for the open plan lounge and kitchen. If I get a Home Mini later on I'll place that in a bedroom or elsewhere.

Only things I'm not getting right now are:
1. It has all my information personalised but I can't seem to add my wife yet. It listens to her but won't recognise her and I'm not seeing the option to activate the multiple accounts. Once setup it will know who is speaking to it.
2. Not getting the Broadcast feature to work either... yet.


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