How to use IFTTT with Google Home to say any message you want


How to use IFTTT with Google Home to say any message you want

The challenge I had was to have my Google Home set up so that I could give it a predetermined phrase to which it would respond. So, for example, I wanted to say to it "Say hello to my daughter" and wanted it to respond by greeting her with a personalised message. There is no built-in function to do this though.

So I followed the guide in the link below. I created a new IFTTT Applet using the Google Assistant service, chose the "Say a simple phrase" trigger. The two things that are key here is to fill in a naturally sounding phrase to use as the trigger, and then use the response field for the Google Assistant's response which will be said by Google Home. You need to complete the applet though with a "then" action and I chose to use it sending me an e-mail to confirm it had done the action.

So using this I was able to let Google Home give each person a personal greeting when they arrived at my house today.


Use IFTTT to unlock new functionality on Google Home
Google Home is capable of a great many more things than it is out of the box when used with IFTTT. We explain how to use the free and simple app to get Google Home to do exactly what you want.


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