Radio Garden - Explore live radio by rotating the globe


Radio Garden - Explore live radio by rotating the globe

This is a Chrome browser experiment that lets you spin a globe view of the earth to tune to different locations radio stations. Some nice extras are an old-fashioned radio static sound between stations and some dedicated sections such as:

In the section on History you can tune into clips from throughout radio history that show how radio has tried to cross borders. How have people tried to translate their nations into the airwaves? What did they say to the world? How do they engage in conversation across linguistic and geographical barriers?

Click over to Jingles for a world-wide crash course in station identification. How do stations signal within a fraction of a second what kind of programmes you are likely to hear? How do they project being joyful, trustworthy, or up to the minute?

Then stop and listen to radio Stories where listeners past and present tell how they listen beyond their walls. How do they imagine the voices and sounds from around the globe? How do they use radio to make themselves at home in the world?



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