Stella Vie - The most efficient family car that has ever been built


Stella Vie - The most efficient family car that has ever been built

The Stella Vie carried five people at an average speed of 69kmh a week ago on the bi-annual solar race with 41 vehicles setting off on a 3,000km (1,860-mile) trip through the heart of Australia from Darwin to Adelaide. The race included a new cruiser class, introduced to bridge the gap between high-end technology and everyday driving practicality.

The Stella Vie achieves a range of 1,000 kilometers on a sunny summer day in the Netherlands. The surplus energy generated by Vie can be supplied back to the house or electric grid. The smart charging and discharging system keeps track of energy prices and the user’s agenda in order to find the optimal time to charge or discharge. Stella Vie’s charging status can also easily be checked through its connection with a smart thermostat.

Through it’s updated solar navigator, which now takes height profile maps into account, Stella Vie finds the most efficient route and shows how much energy you will save compared to a standard, fossil fuel powered, car. When approaching the destination, Vie will offer parking assistance. If enabled, Vie’s built-in solar parking system will use height maps, weather data and a parking probability map to guide you to a free parking spot. The chosen parking spot is the one within range of the destination which yields the most solar energy. It also encourages the user to drive as efficiently as possible by giving subtle feedback through a built-in lighting system, this system warns the driver by turning red when either braking or accelerating too fiercely.

The key difference here between "standard" EVs and the Stella Vie, is that the Stella Vie is primarily powered by solar and not relying on a regular charge from the grid. I guess this means skipping underground parking if possible and parking in the sunlight instead. It probably also addresses the range anxiety issue with current EVs (but not at night of course).



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