City of Rome is getting ready for open source


City of Rome is getting ready for open source

The city of Rome (Italy) is taking well-orchestrated steps to increase its use of free and open source software, aiming to reduce lock-in to IT vendors. A key change is an overhaul of the way IT solutions and support services are contracted; in all future contracts, Rome will require IT service providers to help the city switch to alternatives to proprietary software.

This means change is coming soon. Many of the current IT contracts will need to be renewed next year, and by 2020 all current contracts will have been renewed, says Cecilia Colasanti, who works for Rome’s city councillor for Digital Innovation.

Rome is already installing the LibreOffice on all of its 14,000 PC workstations across the city. Each night, the open source office productivity suite is installed on 100 workstations.



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