My Posts will be Quieter Until 2 Nov 2017 as I'm Attending the South African Govtech Conference #GovtechZA...


My Posts will be Quieter Until 2 Nov 2017 as I'm Attending the South African Govtech Conference #GovtechZA

I'll probably get little chance to post much tech news until the Govtech conference finishes and I'm back home again.

You can follow the various events and news that will break around SA Government ICT from the conference under the hashtag #GovtechZA. The conference is taking place in Durban, South Africa and is attended by a cross-section of all levels of the South African Government Departments, Public Entities and Municipalities, as well as the ICT Industry (large and small), the Media and Public.

This year's conference is focussing on unlocking possibilities to build a functional society. Some focus areas will be the multiple clouds that are being built, e-Government, a Hackathon, and much more. This theme is focused on the ability of all actors within the South African economy to understand what service delivery means and what their role in delivering services mean to each individual citizen of the country.

The theme acknowledges that these desires above are the possibilities that all participants in the economy have demanded and there are obstacles that have locked them away from mass realisation. The theme moves away from the “nuts & bolts” of previous GovTech’s by asserting that to help citizens achieve these possibilities all stakeholders must be focused on the act of unlocking the obstacles experienced by citizens.

This theme will apply to industry stakeholders to understand their role is to unlock the citizens obstacles as they pursue their individual possibilities. That is the education industry’s role in identifying and addressing the obstacles that a rural South African girl child faces in realising the possibility that she can go to become an actuarial scientist that develops the next insurance underwriting model.

The theme further applies to the ICT industry stakeholders to understand their role in how technology can be applied to enable the same rural girl child to achieve her possibilities. This may be in supporting public sector participants or private sector participants involved in unlocking these obstacles.

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