Why you'd want to think of running a notifications history app on Android

Not only do you sometimes quickly dismiss a notification, and realize you needed to read it, but recently I lost a SOS button that connects by Bluetooth, and by seeing when the disconnect happened I could likely work out where I was at the time and go back and find it.

But..... Android wipes out its record of past notifications on rebooting (otherwise it keeps filling up) and if you have not already installed an app to save those notifications you will likely not see back say a week to find what you are looking for.

So you may want to think about installing an app ahead of time like Notification History (or another similar one).

See https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.evanhe.nhfree
Notification History

Notification History records USSD, Class 0 (Flash) SMS, popped dialog, app installation, toasts and notifications. This can be used to: 1. Backup messages by apps and read them later 2. Find out which app pushed annoying status bar advertisement, and uninstall it. 3. Auto dismiss USSD and Class 0 dialog (pro version) Features: * Record notifications on status bar * Record toasts * Record USSD messages (android 4.0+) * Record class 0 (Flash) SMS m...

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