i-TRAFFIC has launched their updated roads and traffic website today for South Africans


i-TRAFFIC has launched their updated roads and traffic website today for South Africans

i-TRAFFIC is a traveller information service provided by the South African National Roads Agency SOC Limited. It provides traffic conditions information, viewing of roadside message boards, live CCTV camera views, road works, congestion and traffic alert information for Gauteng, the Western Cape, and KwaZulu-Natal. i-TRAFFIC informs travellers in these regions about current conditions on the national roads, with more detailed information for the urban areas where SANRAL has real-time congestion information.

Information for i-TRAFFIC comes from a variety of sources. SANRAL operates detection devices on the national roads to detect traffic incidents and generate information about current vehicle speeds. Closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras are deployed along national roads; these are the same cameras that are monitored by staff at SANRAL’s Traffic Management Centres to detect incidents and accidents on the national roads. i-TRAFFIC also gets its road works information from SANRAL and other agencies.

In a series of on-going enhancements, traffic detectors on the roadside will be used to display live traffic speeds on the maps and to generate the travel times on national roads. Speed information will also be provided by third parties through other detection systems. How is the information on i-TRAFFIC different than a radio or TV report? Radio traffic reports often only report on a few road segments or incidents at a time. With i-TRAFFIC, users have the full picture of congestion, accidents and incidents affecting roads in the Gauteng, the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal. i-TRAFFIC also allows registered users to customise the information they want to receive.

My i-TRAFFIC is a unique feature of the i-TRAFFIC traveller information service that allows users to customise the information they receive and request alerts when incidents or events impact the key routes that users indicate they travel. My i-TRAFFIC is a free service that requires registration to receive customised alerts on routes you drive regularly.

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