Meet Mycroft, The Open Source Alternative To Amazon Echo and Google Home


Meet Mycroft, The Open Source Alternative To Amazon Echo and Google Home

Uses natural language to control Internet of Things. Built on Raspberry Pi this whole home A.I. plays media, controls lights & more.

Mycroft is the world's first open source, open hardware home A.I. platform. It is a state of the art A.I. based on Raspberry Pi 2 and Arduino - two of the world's most popular open development platforms.

Mycroft uses natural language processing to respond to your voice. It makes online services like YouTube, Netflix, Pandora, Spotify and others available to you instantly. No need to pull out your smart phone, log in, select a network, load an app and hunt down a feature. Want to hear great music? Say "Mycroft, play 'Uptown Funk' from YouTube on my Chromecast" and seconds later your video begins to play.

It isn't just for streaming devices. Mycroft has an integrated high quality speaker. It can play music directly. Just ask Mycroft to play your favorite Pandora playlist, kick back and enjoy your tunes.

Mycroft also integrates with your smart devices and allows you to control the Internet of Things. Connect Mycroft to your SmartThings hub, WeMo devices or Phillips Hue lights and command your devices with the sound of your voice. Turn on lights, lock doors, make coffee, water plants and feed pets. Whatever it is - If it is connected to the internet - Mycroft can control it.

I did this post originally in 2015 but since then Mycroft has matured from a Kickstarter project to a commercial offering. It is open source software as well as hardware. All the software code is on Github.


Mycroft Mark 1 - Mycroft
The Mark 1 is a reference hardware implementation for Mycroft, with a built in speaker, microphone and LED display. Your open source voice assistant.


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