What is global citizenship? Global citizens are not born; they are created


What is global citizenship? Global citizens are not born; they are created

The world is becoming more global and interconnected every day. From multinational corporations to climate change to social and political movements, humanity’s fate is increasingly intertwined.

Moreover, we are in the early stages of a historic shift of identity — increasingly less tied to any particular location — which will have far-reaching implications for business, government and society alike.

Against this backdrop, debates about globalization are taking place at an unprecedented level. And yet, we seem to have almost forgotten about the role of global citizenship. It is imperative that we turn these tides.

There are two kinds of global citizens: individuals, who share a set of values and responsibilities; and corporations, who have focused on globalization and seem to have left global citizenship behind. This article is focused on being a role model for individuals, helping corporations become better global citizens, and highlighting the importance and voices of global citizens everywhere.

"Global citizens are not born; they are created. Children do not have an innate understanding of their shared humanity; they learn this over time. The importance of education and enabling global perspectives cannot be understated."

"New technologies also enable us to connect with more people in more ways than ever before, allowing us to discover our similarities and differences, better understand our interdependencies, and expand our worldviews."

"Global citizenship helps bridge these gaps and rectify these realities, and global citizens are its ambassadors."

One has to just wonder if much of the strife that is generated in this world is not because of "local" leaders that want to maintain their own grip on power and influence over their followers... So these leaders use forms of censorship to create divisions and fears. Unfortunately, especially with humans, there is just no universal equilibrium (much like wind pressure) as we're constantly swinging pendulums of emotions, greed, charity, etc that shape our interactions with others.

"Many politicians see globalism as a disease, and nationalism as the cure. But this is a false dichotomy. “Deglobalizing” will not achieve the goals of peace, progress and prosperity. Rather, we must look to global citizenship’s shared values for lasting answers."

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