One Year Shaving Costs = Gillette Cartridge Blades R3,478 vs Wet Shaving R1,003.60

This was based on the following assumptions:
- Gillette Fusion blade used to get me a week of shaving
- Gillette Shaving Gel got me 3 months (not sure on this now?)
- I use 2 blades per week for DE blades (last two months have been using -
Gillette DE blades but first 10 months were top of the range Feather blades)
- Shaving soap - I use hard soap that gets a about 4 to 5 months use but I rounded it up to 3 for the the year
- Yes DE razor and brush already bought but it was once off over two years back
- DE shaving costs from RiverValleyTrading site but no petrol spend on going to buy local blades
- Not bulk purchase pricing

Traditional Wet Shaving:
Tabac shaving soap refills R105 x 3 = R210
Feather blades R65 for 10 blades (2/week 10 months) = R572
Gillette 7 o' Clock Double Edge Safety Razor Blades R13 for 5 (8 weeks @ 2 blades/week) = R41.60
Delivery costs for blades R60 x 3 orders = R180
TOTAL = R1,003.60

Gillette Cartridge blades:
Gillette shaving gel R75 x 4 = R300
Gillette Fusion ProGlide Blades R490 for 8 = R3,178 (1 per week)
TOTAL = R3,478

Even if I had stuck to Feather blades that cost would have totaled R676 less the R40. But then I did not switch to traditional wet shaving to save money, it was to prevent the constant ingrown hairs I was getting from using a multi-bladed cartridge razor. Is it not ironic though that Gillette sells perfectly good DE blades for R13 for a pack of 5 vs a pack of 8 Fusion blades for R490

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