Lighthouse - So much more than the best security camera


Lighthouse - So much more than the best security camera

Since Lighthouse only triggers on 3D movement and understands what it's looking at, you'll only receive security alerts when there's actually a person that warrants your attention. You’ll see a snapshot right on your phone’s lock screen, so you can decide if immediate action is required. And Lighthouse automatically enables and disables alerts based on whether you're home, so you, your family and trusted guests can come and go without triggering unwanted alerts. No more 4-digit access codes.

Using facial recognition, Lighthouse learns your household's members and guests, so you know instantly who's coming and going, and if someone new arrives on the scene.

When you’re alerted to a possible security threat, you can sound a siren, speak through the camera or call the police—right from the app.

When it comes to home, you’re always on a need-to-know basis. With the Lighthouse app, all you have to do is ask. Instead of scrubbing through hours of video, you can just ask. Some examples:
"What did the kids do while I was out yesterday?"
"Has the cat done anything interesting since I left?"
"Who did you see at the front door on Tuesday between 8 and 10am?"
"Have you seen the kids running around recently?"
"Did you see Chris with the dog at the front door last week while I was away?"

Ask Lighthouse to ping you the moment something important happens - or doesn't happen. Five seconds to set up, endless peace of mind.
"If you don't see the kids by 4pm on weekdays while I'm away, let me know."
"Tell me if you see the kids alone in the garage."
"Send me a ping when John gets home today."
"Ping me if Dana doesn't arrive on Saturdays between 10 and 11am."
"Notify me if you see the kids downstairs between 10pm and 6am."
"When the cat jumps on the kitchen table, send me a notification."
"Alert me if you don't see someone with the dog at the front door between 12 and 2pm when I'm out."
"Let me know if no one enters the kitchen between 4pm and 8pm."



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