The 5 Best Android Phones for Rooting & Modding


The 5 Best Android Phones for Rooting & Modding

Although I just bought my new Google Pixel 2 XL camera and am so far extremely happy with it, that previous battery disaster with the Nexus 6P, and the fairly high cost of the PIxel 2 XL are making me already think about what my next choice may be. I primarily moved to the Google phones to get closer to stock Android (read quicker software updates) and to ensure easier rooting if I wanted to go that way.

However, there are also other options to consider. For example, in the attached article the OnePlus 5T (which is well rated for modding) comes in at $500 for a 6GB RAM with 64GB storage, or at $550 for 8GB of RAM with 128GB of storage. The OnePlus 5T may not be perfect but it's excellent value and has some nifty extras like a new software addition called Parallel Apps: this allows you to create secondary versions of apps like LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook for your work profiles.

There is also the Essential Android phone which comes with stock Android and completely free of bloatware and has an accessory port.

But my real point is, don't just stick with one brand of phone. Have a good look around at other options as newer and better value options are starting to appear on the Android scene to challenge the incumbent flagship brands.



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