Taxify gains traction in South Africa


Taxify gains traction in South Africa

Linda Mahloko, operations manager at Taxify SA, told ITWeb: "Taxify takes only 15% commission from its drivers, which is up to half the commission taken by other ride-sharing platforms. The lower commission allows Taxify to offer lower prices for riders and more take-home pay for drivers. The service also allows drivers to create a defined radius for pick-ups, meaning they don't need to stray too far from home."

Taxify prices range from R6 per km to R7 per km, depending on the city, while Uber charges between R7 and R7.50 per km. Uber has confirmed it takes a standard service fee of 25% commission from drivers' total earnings.


Taxify gains traction in SA
Over 18 months into its launch in the local market, Taxify claims it is the fastest growing ride-hailing app in SA..


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