Australian project will export renewable energy to Indonesia


Australian project will export renewable energy to Indonesia

A coalition of renewable energy leaders has proposed plans to build a 6 GW wind and solar hybrid power plant in Western Australia to export its electricity production to its northern neighbour Indonesia via subsea electrical cables.

“Wind and solar energy, working together, have enormous potential to supply reliable and competitively-priced renewable energy across regions,” said Alexander Hewitt, Managing Director of CWP Energy Asia. The project will supply energy, helping Indonesia meet its energy needs, as well as have economic benefits, Hewitt added.

The key to the success of the project involves the advances that have been made in subsea cable technology. The submarine cables will also be able to carry optical fibers for data transmission or temperature measurement, in addition to the high-voltage electrical current.

This is a good example of how one country with excess renewable energy could exchange power with another country. This is how renewable energy could be self-sufficient between entire countries or continents.



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