Site outage 11 Nov 2013

My site suffered an outage from 11-12 Nov 2013 as a result of a hosting DNS update which seemed to affect my site. Not sure why it happened but it seemed the WordPress security plugin I am using did not like the DNS update. Backup was restored though and the site is up and running again.


Site Update for 20th January 2011

All the pages from my old site have been migrated to except for the Quality of Service pages which must still be done.  I have changed the layout to the Desk Mess Mirrored Theme which I'll stick with for now as it is lively and on topic and the drop down menus work easily - all I want to do is to change the iPhone graphic to an Android graphic.

I have also activated mobile browsing and any Blackberry, iPhone and Android phone will be detected and given the option to switch to the mobile browser version.

Site Update for 19th Jan 2011

Worked the whole day finishing FOSS page and adding Photography, Reading, My Bike, History of Pinelands, and Other Interests. I have experimented with a different layout as well (and will still probably change it again) and also activated pushing Twitter updates to @GadgeteerZA but the links are not appearing yet for some reason.

The pages remaining still are my pages on Quality of Service. Hope to complete that by Friday. It was far more work than I expected as I have to edit out each line's extra <span> statements that appeared when copying from Google Sites.


Progress on 18th Jan 2011

Took the whole of today to complete the FOSS page and the remainder of the Favourite sites. Not quite done yet as some cosmetics still need attention, but all the heavy lifting was done. On the 19th I will get Photography and Gadgets page done.


Creating new WordPress site

I have finally started to move my site over from Google Sites to my own website at As my site is mainly static pages I needed to check that Wordpress Pages would do this OK. So far the basics work OK and I have got the Home page as well as the Linux page started.  I still need to check if I can draw horizontal lines. Also need to do some quick studying on Wordpress....

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