TechMarkIT is a new South African online retail venture specialising in refurbished technology

Hirsch said that although consumers can buy second-hand tech goods through online classifieds websites, they are often reluctant to do so – they can’t be sure they’re not buying a dud, and there are security concerns when strangers have to meet to conclude a deal.

It is hoped that TechMarkIT will bring credibility to the used/refurbished technology market in South Africa. The company checks all the products it sells for defects and other problems, and also cleans them thoroughly before making them available for sale. It has a 45-point checklist to ensure everything is in working order, including the battery (if the product has one). If the battery is showing signs of age, it is replaced before being sold. There’s a warranty of six months on goods sold, though this excludes battery-related problems.

Essentially, this would also help cut down on e-waste.

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Former Incredible Connection executive director David Hirsch has launched a new retail venture specialising in refurbished technology.