tl;dr papers: A New Use For AI: Summarising Scientific Research For 7-Year-Olds

Academic writing often has a reputation for being hard to follow, but what if you could use machine learning to summarize arguments in scientific papers so that even a seven-year-old could understand them? That’s the idea behind tl;dr papers — a project that leverages recent advances in AI language processing to simplify science.

Cooper says although the tool is a “joke on the surface,” systems like this could have serious applications in teaching and study. AI summarizers could be used by students as a way into complex papers, or they could be incorporated into online journals, automatically producing simplified abstracts for public consumption.

After going viral this weekend, the website has been labelled “under maintenance,” and the site’s creators say they have no plans to maintain it in the future. But see the link at the end of the linked article, for another site to try instead.


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