A new Microsoft Flight Simulator is on the way - the 4k video trailer looks very impressive

Microsoft has announced a new instalment of its long-running Microsoft Flight Simulator series. The new Flight Simulator, which was teased briefly at Microsoft’s E3 keynote, is powered by Microsoft’s Azure cloud artificial intelligence. There’s not a lot of detail beyond that — except that the trailer, captured in 4K video, looks gorgeous.

The detail right down to realistic looking walking giraffe is pretty impressive. It's hardware, OS and bandwidth requirements will be interesting to see when more detail becomes available.

Watch the trailer at #^https://www.theverge.com/2019/6/9/18658865/microsoft-flight-simulator-azure-ai-4k-trailer-e3-2019

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#^A new Microsoft Flight Simulator is on the way


It uses Azure AI and looks great

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