I’m a tech blogger who scans about 500+ RSS news posts daily (so you don’t have to) covering tech and gadget news, open source, green technology, self-hosting, alternatives to Big Tech, alternative social media networks, privacy and security topics.

I distil these down to only those which I find really interesting, and I post a summary about those. Some days it might be 6 or 7 posts, and other days it may be zero if I find nothing of real interest. I try to seek out posts that will be of general interest, and not of a very technical nature. I do not just reblog in bulk.

My background is in the technology arena, having started out first building up desktop computers when the first IBM compatibles became available in the mid 1980’s (before you could go to a computer shop and just buy one), I eventually migrated into a new computer unit my organisation established, where I did desktop support, LAN administration (Novell back then), and computer programming (mostly Clipper). I ended off my career managing customer relations with a few large clients, which allowed me to hone my skills in translating both ways between the highly technical and the plain English, needed to explain things to our end users and executives.

This all stood in me in good stead for translating the technical articles I read daily, into something more palatable for everyday readers (or at least to explain why something may be of interest).

I have now retired from having an active job, and I do tech blogging for fun, without any advertising, sponsored products, or sale of user data in any way.

I also have a few private projects that I’m working on from time to time, for which I do blog posts, but I also will often post an article on my website blog at https://gadgeteer.co.za or do a video on my YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/DanievanderMerwe. So take a minute to browse through the website navigation menu, or try the search option to see if I’ve posted about anything of interest to you.

I also post to a good 17 or more social media sites daily (links are in the footer of the website).

My passion is around technology and trying new things, so I hope you will find something of interest (and use) here.