Artemis - A cellular geolocation system from an aircraft to locate the phone of a person in distress at up to 35 km range without network coverage

Artemis can be used to locate the phone of a person in distress. It can operate in local network coverage, or where there is poor or no coverage at all. Artemis can locate any powered mobiles in a disaster area. Options include: Sending texts to everyone in the area, receiving messages & calls from those in need of assistance.

For border security type operations, it can detect and locate phones in offshore boats (people smuggling). Generating alerts from phones in restricted areas, border intrusions etc.

It obviously operates as a type of Stingray device (faking being a cellular tower) to encourage the phone to connect to it, it identifies the phone, and determines the location from single strength plottings as the aircraft is flying in a pattern. Obviously, it is ideal for finding people lost in wilderness conditions. It has an accuracy of around 10 - 20 m.

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Artemis, turns a mobile phone into a Search and Rescue location beacon. SAR equipment for Manned or Unmanned aircraft.

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