The cameras will operate day and night, as well as in any weather conditions, using artificial intelligence to monitor for drivers handling mobile phones. When the camera detects a driver is using the phone, it will snap a picture which will then be verified by authorized personnel.

For the first three months, drivers will receive a warning letter, but afterwards, the system will start issuing fines. The standard fine will be $344 AUD (approx $234 USD) and $457 AUD (approx $311 USD) in school zones.

It does rather amaze me though how many people I still see holding a phone and talking on it... Most cars have built-in Bluetooth and there is alternatively earphones or wireless Bluetooth ear buds. It's probably just pure laziness in not setting up their phones once-off.


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#^Australia is the first to use smartphone-detecting traffic cameras


Australia is the first country to use mobile phone-detecting cameras along its roads. The government hopes it can cut road fatalities by 30% by 2021 in North South Wales by using the cameras.

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