Bored of Flat Gnome Desktop UIs? Check Out Skeuos GTK Theme

Ever find yourself wishing your GTK theme had a bit more depth to it?
If so, check out the Skeuos GTK theme by Daniel Ruiz de Alegría. His sumptuous skin skewers modern expectations by embracing the bevels, drop-shadows, and gradients most modern themes actively avoid.

The result is a confident look with real visible visual hierarchy to it. Buttons look like buttons, toggles look like toggles, and focused elements have clear presence — you won’t mistake a label for an action while using this theme.

Even if you don't use Gnome, it is well worth having a browse through the latest theme releases for your desktop, as the last year has produced some great looking themes (especially dark) which gives your desktop a whole new look and feel.

See Bored of Flat UIs? Check Out Skeuos GTK Theme - OMG! Ubuntu!

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Bored of flat themes? Check out this non-flat GTK theme for Linux desktops, including GNOME and Xfce. It's called Skueos and it's beautiful – check it out!

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