Budget-friendly Linux Smartphone PinePhone Will be Available to Pre-order Next Week for around $150

The PinePhone developer kit is already being tested by some devs and more such kits will be shipped by 15th November. Mass production will begin only after the Chinese New Year, hinting at early Q2 of 2020 or March 2020 (at the earliest). The low pricing is definitely a huge plus here compared to the other Linux smartphone Librem5 that costs over $600.

Another good thing about PinePhone is that you can experiment with the operating system by installing Ubuntu Touch, Plasma Mobile or Aurora OS/Sailfish OS.

These Linux-based smartphones don’t have the features to replace Android or iOS, yet. If you are looking for a fully functional smartphone to replace your Android smartphone, PinePhone is certainly not for you. It’s more for people who like to experiment and are not afraid to troubleshoot.

See https://itsfoss.com/pinephone/

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#^Budget Linux Smartphone PinePhone Pre-order Starts Next Week


The much awaited Linux smartphone PinePhone will open for pre-orders soon. The low pricing and the ability to run Linux are the main highlights of PinePhone.

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