Clockology has some of the best 3rd party watch faces for Apple Watch and this is how to install and use it

I was used to Watchmaker for some excellent 3rd party watch faces for Android WearOS but was a bit disappointed with the selection there for Apple Watch. After looking around a bit I discovered Clockology and was really impressed with some of the watch faces there.

The only issue many have, is how to install and use it properly because of Apple's idiosyncrasies, so this video does help explain that. One thing to note about the wake screen setting is the menu option has changed, so instead you long press on the watch face and choose Stay Alive.

Unfortunately many watch face groups are on Facebook but you need not login especially for the Hong Kong one, and there is also a sub reddit for Clockology.

Watch at How To SETUP and INSTALL Clockology! (2021): Clockology Tutorial Custom Watch Faces for Apple Watch!

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