Covid-19 vaccine certificate for South Africa launched... But many are struggling with it

The National Department of Health launched South Africa’s Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate System on Tuesday. Vaccinated people can retrieve their digital vaccine certificate by going to the website and selecting “Get my vaccine certificate”.

This is a local system so not yet anything that is internationally accepted. “This certificate can be used to facilitate travel, [and] to access establishments, gatherings, and other forms of activity that require proof of vaccination status,” the President stated.

Editor-in-chief at the Bhekisisa Centre for Health Journalism, Mia Malan, said the site was not officially live yet, but is currently being tested. Users may therefore experience intermittent issues when trying to use the site.

Discovery Health has their own online digital certificate with a QR code, so that may be worth considering if you are a Discovery member.

See Covid-19 vaccine certificate for South Africa launched

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The Department of Health has launched an online portal to obtain your Covid-19 vaccine certificate. This is what it looks like and how it works.

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