Daimler South Africa: We will bring electric trucks to the local market with claimed range figures of 500km (EV) and 1000km (Hydrogen) respectively

Engineering News quotes Kleynhans as saying that Daimler will consider introducing the eActros locally, "depending on the local infrastructure and availability of specific vehicle configurations suitable for a typical, local long-distance application." Besides electric propulsion, Daimler is also readying trials for a hydrogen-powered truck, called GenH2.

Although hydrogen infrastructure is more expensive, it makes sense where depot or route services are involved so this type of application could be ideal. The torque generated by electric motors could be ideal for some of the steep mountain passes across South Africa (and obviously the regenerative braking too).

See Daimler SA: We will bring electric trucks to the local market

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Electric trucks could be transporting our food and other items on local roads by 2025, according to Daimler Trucks Southern Africa.

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