DIY Remote pool temperature monitor using PVC pipe, ESP32, a DS18B20 temp sensor and an Adafruit MagTag

The itch being scratched with this project was for kids who regularly want to swim at a family members house, but instead of bugging them with constant phone calls about whether the water is warm enough to swim in, they can monitor it remotely with the display on their own fridge.

The source code has not been published, and there was no mention of that, but I thought firstly this is an interesting idea, and secondly that Adafruit MagTag looks really useful for many other stats you want to monitor at a glance on your fridge door.

See Pool Temperature Monitor Mollifies Fortunate But Frustrated Children

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Who needs the city pool when you can party in the private pool over at Grandma and Grandpa’s house? No need to wait until Memorial Day weekend when it hits 90° F in the first week of May. But…

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