Example of FALSE advertising to try to sell cartridge razors as being more environmentally friendly than straight razors (it's the opposite, in fact)

A couple of things really totally incorrect about this blatant advertising:
* The method continues to "hold nostalgic value in certain cultural pockets" - well it's (and safety razors) actually been growing due to being environmentally friendly and the closest possible shave without razor bumps, etc as well as cost savings. You only have to look at all the artisans and big brands selling straight razors today.
* Reasons such as closest shave, cost, safety, stropping, etc are zero to do with the environment, but yes, not having to buy very expensive cartridge blades at all does pay back very well over 5 or 10 years. And certainly I've timed my straight razor shaves to be a good 25 minutes including boiling water, stropping, and shaving, so given it can take a little longer.
* But "Many conventional shaving creams also use aerosol propellants" and "Shaving with a straight razor virtually always requires the use of these products" are very incorrect assumptions to make about straight razor shaving as the usual practice excludes aerosols, opting rather for natural soaps that are usually environmentally friendly. Convectional cartridge razor shavers, on the other hand, are known to default to aerosol gels and creams, though.
* A straight razor can last for decades if cared for properly, and requires no disposal in landfills (unlike cartridge blades, which cannot be recycled easily due to the composite material).

See Why men have to stop shaving with straight razors

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They’ve got flair and history, but it’s time to say goodbye to a dinosaur in the bathroom. Now mostly found at retro barbers, the straight razor was the most commonly used option by men until the 1950s when it was largely replaced by the safety razor. Straight razors allow the wielder to whip out the blade with a drama

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