Five Excellent Cross-Platform Open Source Free Animation Applications For Presentations Or Videos As Alternatives To Adobe After Effects

These are some top-notch applications, some of which are used professionally too, for doing animations for videos and movies. Typical applications may be where you want to animate a diagram for illustrating something, but they can also do a lot more advanced work too.

If your kids are bored at home one of these free applications could be fun to learn something really useful. Whole careers are launched around being able to do animation.

Covered in this overview are:
* Blender
* Pencil2D Animation
* Krita
* OpenToonz
* Sozi

Watch at Best Free Animation Software in 2020

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Free animation software has come a long way! Here are 5 of the best free and open source 2D animation programs available in 2020. Each is a free, full versio...

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