Given Up on my Google Nexus 6P Phone Due to Battery Issues

Given Up on my Google Nexus 6P Phone Due to Battery Issues

I'm calling it a day on the Nexus 6P because after I updated to Oreo 8.1.0 Developer Preview on 26th October my battery issues started again. It started with random reboots whilst the battery still showed 80% plus. Sometimes it would work an hour or two fine and other times it was a few minutes. The phone had been working 100% for a good month or two on its replacement battery.

I tried downgrading to version 8.0.0 stable release instead but not sure if the battery was already just severely strained, but after a few hours of running fine, it started its random reboots again. Numerous people have had problems with specifically the Nexus 6P made by Huawei. Of course, Google and Huawei blame each other and whilst some devices were RMA's by Google I live outside the USA so that's not an easy option.

So I've ordered a new Pixel 2 XL made by LG and will give it one more shot. Once the new one arrives I'll put another battery in the Nexus 6P and run it on older software and just see if it runs stable again, but I can't use it like this for a daily carry phone.

I still love the concept of an AOSP version of Android and if this does not work with Google I'll look at another manufacturer (of the limited few) who give this option.

So right now I'm back on a Galaxy S3 phone running its latest version of LineageOS.

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