How Everyshop achieved thousands of reviews hours after launch... they partnered with global review aggregator TestFreaks to provide product reviews

I really don't like this as those reviews say nothing about other purchaser's experiences, the accuracy of the listing, delivery issues, etc. Even though their competitor (Takealot) has a lot fewer reviews they certainly appear to be genuine reviews as quite a few are negative and I've veered away from some products. I leave reviews about the accuracy of listings, delivery issues, and the tested capacity of rechargeable batteries.

Reviews also give an indication of how many people have bought one product vs an alternative product. This is all meaningless on Everyshop's site. I only want to see verified purchaser reviews. I can search for my own global reviews.

See How Everyshop achieved thousands of reviews hours after launch

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Many Everyshop products had thousands of reviews on the day of its launch, which raises the question – how?

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