How To Play Playstation Games On Linux

How To Play Playstation Games On Linux

Linux has a great selection of emulators, including many different ones for the Sony PlayStation. There are a lot to choose from, but by far the most advanced and useful emulator for playing Playstation games on Linux is the PCSXR PlayStation emulator. It’s a revival of the old PCSX emulator. The developers took that old emulator, and “Reloaded it” to make it better. They’ve added a lot of improvements to the emulator as well as fixing bugs. Here’s how to get the PlayStation emulator installed and working on your favorite Linux operating system.

To play a game with the emulator, open it up and click “File”. The first option allows the user to emulate any Sony PS1 video game directly from a CD drive. To do this, insert the game into your disc drive, and click “Run CD”. The PCSXR emulator will load up the game in a few seconds. Alternatively, load a disc image (ISO) to play with. To load a disc image, click “File”, then “Run ISO”.


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