If Apple's 'Find My' app helps locate compatible 3rd party trackers then it will be a massive boost globally to finding lost items

Right now with most Bluetooth tracker devices such as Tile (I've tried a few) they require you, and everyone else, to have the app installed in order to locate the lost device. That severely limits the potential reach and effectiveness.

If Apple's global network of devices are all able to function as locating devices to help find lost items, that will change the picture dramatically as the locating is then no longer dependent on who else has installed the same app. It will be interesting to see what hoops must be jumped through to participate, and also whether Android will go more global with something like this.

See Apple launches an app for testing devices that work with ‘Find My’ – TechCrunch

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Apple has launched a new app, Find My Certification Asst., designed for use by MFi (Made for iPhone) Licensees, who need to test their accessories’ interoperability with Apple’s Find My network. The network helps users find lost Apple devices — like iPhones, AirPods and Mac comput…

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