Straight Razor Shaving - What You Need It's more than just a razor and a strop

A straight razor is where the real men get separated from the men and women who use safety razors... from the cartridge razor users. To be honest its still on my bucket list although I do own a straight razor.

Some things I noted from this video are the need for that chrome-oxide paste, a 3" wide strop versus a 2" one, and the fact that a plain steel blade will likely sharpen easier than a stainless steel one.

Obviously geofatboy is a salesperson but his advice is really solid and you don't need most of this equipment up front. But it gives one the vision...

Watch at Straight Razor Shaving - What You Need



Greetings! I hope you are all staying safe and healthy! Maybe you've become a safety razor shaving veteran and you're looking to take on something more chall...

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