Insider: The best shaving soap - These great soaps will also improve shaving for cartridge razor users

Personally out of the 5 I used 3 being the Mitchell's Wool Fat, the Taylor of Old Bond Street, and the Arko stick. The stick is great for travelling and I found the Mitchell's worked really well with a stiffer bristle brush. I never hit it off with the shaving cream though (did not lather well for me). I'd still like to try out the Proraso shaving soap though as I enjoyed using their creams and suspect this soap will lather well.

It's true though that a quality soap and brush will produce a far more satisfying shave than a canned tin of shaving cream. Quality soap is a vital part of your shave because it lubricates your face and whiskers so that your razor blade can move cleanly across your face for a close shave with minimal irritation. A good soap will also lock in your skin's moisture instead of drying it out and leaving your face with that unpleasant "tight" feeling. What makes a shaving soap different from normal bar soap is its composition, which consists of added fat — either from animals or plant sources such as coconut oil — and/or glycerin. These ingredients are used to give the soap a smooth, slick consistency so it works better as a lubricant while keeping your skin hydrated.

After that it's one small step for mankind to move from a cartridge razor to a real safety razor ;-)


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If you want to get into wet shaving, you need a good shaving soap. We did the research to find the best shaving soap for any skin type or budget.

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