Librem 5 Now Shipping, Backers Share First Impressions - Also A Comparison With The Pinephone Specs

So if you opened this post hoping to hear things are on par with an iPhone, prepare for disappointment. The current software stack shipping on the phone is said to eat through battery pretty fast, can’t play audio in calls (though the phone can make them), and is presently unable to access either of the two included cameras. But that’s part of the whole early-adopter fun, right?

So these are early impressions but it is also interesting to see its specs contrasted with those of the Pinephone which costs a lot less.


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#^Librem 5 Now Shipping, Backers Share First Impressions - OMG! Ubuntu!


Purism has begun shipping the Librem 5 Linux phone to backers of its crowdfunding campaign — and the first hands-on impressions are filtering in!

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