Linux KDE users can easily display any webpage as a live updated desktop wallpaper

I did this short video to show how easy it is to use any webpage to show it updating live as a desktop wallpaper on a KDE desktop. I used a ham radio page that updates JS8Call digital contacts but you could use this for watching news, sports, results, and anything else. You could also opt to have the page be interactive as well. Other KDE plugins will also display live video as wallpapers and you can see some of these in the video when I show the plugin list to select from.

The only downside you may notice is that Firefox shows the day / night shadow whilst this uses Chromium based rendering which is not showing that shadow overlay.

Watch at Live Webpage as a Desktop Wallpaper on KDE Desktop

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This video is for Linux KDE Desktop users who want to have a webpage updating as a live wallpaper in the background. I used a plugin called HTML Wallpaper to...

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