Microsoft releases a Dev version of their Internet browser in native Linux .deb and .rpm files

Many thought (or is that 'hoped'?) this would never happen. It is based on Chromium so is merely Microsoft's own flavour of Chromium, but they have been working on some unique features of their own.

Well good for Microsoft on delivering yet more Linux products. It's going to be interesting watching where this goes over the next few years. It certainly shows Microsoft is thinking broader than just Windows and is competing equally with other providers (Linux not having an OEM owner).

Yes there is a link on that page to the source code, you just need to filter on 'Linux x64'.

See Microsoft Edge Insider

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Microsoft Edge on Linux is finally here and available to download as a Dev preview channel. Want to be one of the first to preview what's new? We will continue to update our Insider channels with the latest features, so download now and join the Microsoft Edge Insider community. Our Insider community played a big role in helping us build the new...

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