Move aside malware, the rising threat is stalkerware which targets an individual and their identity

Much like traditional crime it shifts from a closing opportunity to other means where the opportunities are easier. Car anti-theft systems got better and better and then that crime pattern evolved to hijacking with owners already inside the vehicle.

In the same way many of the really juicy opportunities for ransomware attacks have been closing down, with companies better protecting copies of their data, and now often just refusing to pay up (as few actually have their full data returned and it can still be leaked out by the perpetrators).

So attacks are moving away from just flooding the Internet with malware files, to now targeting specific individuals after research has been done about them. Of course someone will try to sell a "solution" to this problem but nothing is as effective as a highly aware workforce who don't easily get tricked into blindly clicking on links in e-mails (even if received from a 'known' sender) and being wary of anyone requesting personal information. Which is why it's so upsetting to still see our personal details being leaked from Facebook and numerous other companies that we trust.

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Consumers must remain vigilant when it comes to their online activities if they are to keep themselves safe from the growing threat of cyberattacks.

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